Qatar Financial Markets Authority was established pursuant to Law No. (33) of 2005 amended by Decree-Law No. (14) of 2007, and Law No. (10) of 2009.

Recently, a new law No. 8 of 2012 has been issued to give the QFMA wider responsibilities and obligations to supervise and monitor the securities industry in the state of Qatar and increase the scope of international cooperation.

As an independent regulatory and supervisory authority QFMA is concerned with financial markets in Qatar and entrusted with authorities required to exercise regulatory supervision and ensure the implementation of laws on regulated stock exchange, companies and professions in accordance with the provisions of the law, rules and regulations issued for the implementation thereof.

Law No. (8) Of 2012 Of Qatar Financial Markets Authority

QFMA Regulations

Qatar Financial Markets Authority issued a regulation aiming to achieve its regulatory objectives of working in accordance with the best international standards thus ensuring the establishment of leading financial markets in the country and enhancing the understanding of the objectives of financial markets between dealers and other interested persons.

This regulation sets the rules and standards governing the management of shareholding companies listed in the market in order to ensure their compliance with the best practices as to achieve the objectives of financial markets.

It also addressed many issues, including the statement of regulated activities, the licensing of companies to exercise regulated activities, the controlling of licensed companies as well as investigation, inspection and other topics of interest.

QFMA Regulation