Open Margin Account



A Margin Account allows you to borrow cash from CBFS to purchase securities. The loan in the account is collateralized by the securities you purchase. If the value of the stock drops sufficiently, the account holder will be required to deposit more cash or sell a portion of the securities. 



Increased returns – The most significant advantage of using margin is the ability to leverage your investments and increase returns when the price of your holdings move in your favor. You can hold position until necessary, CBFS will not liquidate your positions in 7 days.

Competitive interest rates – CBFS offers 0% interest for 3 months and thereafter margin interest rates up to 6% per annum. If you do not use the margin amount lent by CBFS, you won’t be charged any interest.  

More Purchasing Power – Being able to invest more while having limited cash on hand allows you to take advantage of timely market opportunities. Get QR 1 for every QR 1 brought into the margin account.  

Increased cash dividends - An increase in current income from cash dividends bought with the margin.



Trading with Margin amplifies losses the same way as it amplifies gains. The biggest risk from buying on margin is that you can lose much more money than you initially invested. A loss of 50 percent or more from stocks that were half-funded using borrowed funds, equates to a loss of 100 percent or more, plus interest and commissions.  

If the value of the stock drops significantly, the account holder will be required to deposit more cash or sell a portion of the securities. 



The investor gets to enjoy all the rights related to the stocks bought on margin such as dividends, receive bonus shares & vote in General Assemblies 



The funded shares cannot be mortgaged; however, the investor can sell the shares at any time through the electronic trading system. 


  • Must have an active trading account with Commercial Bank Financial Services 
  • Minimum initial deposit of QR 10,000 worth of shares or cash 


Sr no. Company Symbol English Name Arabic Name Logo
1 AKHI AlKhaleej Takaful Group  الخليجي للتكافل 

2 BLDN  Baladna Company  بلدنا 

3 BRES Barwa Real Estate  بروه 

4 CBQK  Commercial Bank of Qatar  البنك التجاري 

5 DBIS  Dlala  دلاله 

6 DHBK  Doha Bank  بنك الدوحة 

7 ERES  Ezdan Holding Group  أزدان 

8 GISS Gulf International Services Company  الخليج د 

9 GWCS  Gulf Warehousing  مخازن 

10 IGRD  Investment Holding Group  استثمار 

11 IHGS  Inma Holding  إنماء 

12 IQCD  Industries Qatar  الصناعات 

13 MARK  Masraf Al Rayan  الريان 

14 ORDS  Ooredoo  أوريدو 

15 MCGS  Medicare Group  الرعاية 

16 MERS  Al Meera Consumer Goods Company  الميره 


17 MPHC  Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Co  مسيعيد 
18 MRDS  Mazaya Qatar  مزايا 
19 NLCS  National Leasing  الإجارة 

20 MCCS  Mannai Corp  المناعي 

21 QAMC  Qatar Aluminium Manufacturing Company  قامكو 

22 QATI  Qatar Insurance  قطر للتأمين 

23 QATR  Al Rayan Qatar ETF  صندوق الريان 

24 QETF  QE Index ETF  صندوق المؤشر 

25 QEWS Electricity & Water  كهرباء و ماء 

26 QFBQ  Qatar First Bank  بنك قطر الأول 

27 QFLS  Qatar Fuel  وقود 

28 QGMD  Qatar German For Medical Devices  الطبية 

29 QGTS  Qatar Gas transport  ناقلات 

30 QIBK  Qatar Islamic Bank  المصرف 

31 QIGD  Qatari Investors Group  مستثمرين 

32 QIIK  Qatar International Islamic Bank  بنك الدولي الاسلامي 

33 QIMD  Qatar Industrial Manufacturing  التحويلية 

34 QISI  Qatar Islamic Insurance  الاسلامية ت 

35 QNBK  Qatar National Bank  الوطني 

36 QNCD  Qatar Cement  الاسمنت 

37 QNNS Qatar Navigation  الملاحة 

38 QOIS  Qatar Oman Investment Company  قطر عمان 

39 SIIS  Salam International  سلام 

40 UDCD United Development Company  المتحدة

41 VFQS  Vodafone Qatar  فودافون 

42 WDAM  Widam Food Company  ودام